Make Technology Learning a Hobby, not a Requirement

“But students might have to look outside of school for this. Already, 12 percent of high school students have taken an online class on their own, outside of the classroom, to learn about a topic that interested them.”

So then how is classrooms lacking technology failing our youth? Seems to me students taking the initiative for their own learning is a GREAT thing. I constantly have to research how to utilize technology on my own. I read tons of articles on “over-homeworking” the students. If they learn about technology on their own they will not be limited by the teacher. They probably will be more enthusiastic about learning it without an assignment or being told to. If we are worried about kid’s attention spans than allow them to develop their own learning habits on subject matter they really care about and then hold discussions with them on what works for them. Then maybe takes some cues and implement some of the successful strategies they have found. Better yet, let them teach each other these “right skills” on their own or when they have finished their classwork.


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July 24, 2013 · 1:09 am

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