Chicago Digital Youth Underground

The video I am referencing in this blog post can be found here:

I loved this video. It was so exciting to think about the fact that we are going to be a part of the generation of teachers who will change the status quo of classrooms and change the way kids learn. While I enjoyed the entire video, I am going to focus my reflection on Chicago’s Digital Youth Network.

This was a wonderful after school program that evolved into a digital media arts program in the schools. This hit home with me because when I graduated from High School I moved to Orlando to attend a school called, Full Sail ( Real World Education. Here I received an Associate of Science in Recording Arts. I have always thought this would be a wonderful skill to teach younger children. Not only does this provide our youth definite outlets to express themselves or give reports.

The single most significant thing I learned at Full Sail was how to learn. I was never a great student – primarily because I rarely took notes or studied. As soon as classes were about editing audio and mic’ing up guitars, I couldn’t stop taking notes and going back to my notes to rewrite them or study. I then realized the best way for me to learn. When I went back to a conventional college lecture, I had no problem taking notes or studying.

I hope more school district takes the “risk” these programs must seem like, because it will certainly progress the learning process for a large portion, if not all, of students.


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