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Chicago Digital Youth Underground

The video I am referencing in this blog post can be found here:

I loved this video. It was so exciting to think about the fact that we are going to be a part of the generation of teachers who will change the status quo of classrooms and change the way kids learn. While I enjoyed the entire video, I am going to focus my reflection on Chicago’s Digital Youth Network.

This was a wonderful after school program that evolved into a digital media arts program in the schools. This hit home with me because when I graduated from High School I moved to Orlando to attend a school called, Full Sail ( Real World Education. Here I received an Associate of Science in Recording Arts. I have always thought this would be a wonderful skill to teach younger children. Not only does this provide our youth definite outlets to express themselves or give reports.

The single most significant thing I learned at Full Sail was how to learn. I was never a great student – primarily because I rarely took notes or studied. As soon as classes were about editing audio and mic’ing up guitars, I couldn’t stop taking notes and going back to my notes to rewrite them or study. I then realized the best way for me to learn. When I went back to a conventional college lecture, I had no problem taking notes or studying.

I hope more school district takes the “risk” these programs must seem like, because it will certainly progress the learning process for a large portion, if not all, of students.


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Counting on Technology’s Assistance


I will focus my lesson plan for this semester on the counting portions of the Mathematics standards for Second Grade. Primarily, 2.4 and the patterns portions from 5.17.


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Free Technology for Teachers – Extremely Impressive Blog

For the first assignment this week, I looked around and read the blog “Free Technology for Teachers”. As someone who has only reads music blogs, it is hard for me to say how this stacks up against other blogs out there for teachers, but I certainly liked it. It is obviously is a blog reviewing and sharing good technology for the classroom. This definitely seems fitting for this class. I do plan on checking back with this blog quite often to try and test out new programs and iPad apps that I may want to use one day in my Classroom.

Along with apps, I notice the blog post educational YouTube videos, such as the video on the explosion of a volcano underwater, from PBS. It was

Another post I enjoyed was 5 Tools Students Can Use to Create Alternative Book Reports. I always liked finding new ways to share projects when I was a student, so I hope some of these can be implemented in assigned work with my own student. One app I am exploring now, from this post, is Pixntell. It is for creating narrated picture shows. Check it out here: Pixntell.

Will add any further discovers from this blog to the comment section of this post, so check back if you want to hear further reviews of something they have posted.


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Made myself out of clay…

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May 21, 2013 · 11:23 pm